Bee Control

Bee Control is a casual and "relaxing" game for Android, Nook, Kindle, iPhone and iPad (currently waiting for an approval).


Game Description

BeeControl iconTake care of your garden full of bees, flowers and other animals. Do it right and it brings you a lot of honey+fun!


In the game you navigate bees to gather a pollen from flowers and bring them back to the beehive. Watch out the animals attacking flowers and beehive and try to produce as much honey as you can. The game has really cute graphics and sound effects that create atmosfere of quite busy garden. You can purchase Bee Control on Nook, Kindle, Goolge Play, and App Store (soon).



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Simple and addictive gameplay that anyone from beginners to pros will find fun and engaging. The navigation of bees is really intuitive and ensures the game is easy to play.

There is an unlimited amount of levels, so it's just up to you how long you could keep up playing.



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